Refill is a practical campaign that makes refilling your bottle as easy and convenient as possible by having Refill points on every street corner.


How does it work?

Participating cafes, bars, restaurants, pubs, galleries, museums and other businesses display a blue Refill sticker in their window to welcome thirsty passers-by to come on in and fill up their water bottle – for free. All the Refill "stations" are marked on an online map. You can download the Refill app to your phone to find out where they all are. 

The aim

The aim is to reduce the use of plastic water bottles, whilst keeping you healthy, hydrated and saving you money at the same time!

The benefits

  • Reduces use of plastic bottles and waste at source

  • Reduces rubbish and recycling

  • Helps the environment – less waste; less use of fuel; reduction of carbon emissions

  • Provides water refill access for all

  • Improves well being by offering free water

  • Helps Oxford's clean, green credentials

all about refill

Formed in September 2015, Refill is City to Sea CIC’s campaign to promote and encourage free tap-water ‘Refill stations’ in cafes, bars and shops on every high street and transport hub across the UK. Refill is now running all across the UK and over 15,000+ businesses have signed up to the scheme.


All licenced premises in England and Wales are required by law to provide “free potable water” on request. The Refill approach has been validated by a 2017 report (Understanding provision, usage and perception of free drinking water to the public in the UK) published by Keep Britain Tidy and BRITA to look at how local businesses can act as a virtual network of public drinking water fountains where reusable water bottles can be freely and safely refilled. This has been updated in their April 2018 report, Water, water everywhere.

In its recent report, Turning Back the Tide on Plastic Waste, the Environmental Audit Committee recommends "provision of public water fountains and access to free tap water on request....through premises that serve food and drink." The scheme is now backed by Water UK to support the roll out all over the country (25 January 2018).

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